Our people

Geelong Mums is powered by more than 450 volunteers and has three part-time staff members.

Meet the Geelong Mums Team

Kate Kent, General Manager: Kate was appointed the first Geelong Mums staff member in September 2014. In her role as General Manager, Kate manages the day to day operations of Geelong Mums. Previous to Geelong Mums, Kate held positions at Bethany Community Support, Gateways and the City of Casey. Kate is also a member of the Geelong Mums Committee.

Solée Robertston, Operations Co-ordinator: Solée was appointed in May 2015, and oversees the Geelong Mums volunteer team. Solée's position was part-funded by a Geelong Community Foundation grant in 2015 and 2016.

Kristina McMennemin, Social Service Co-ordinator: Kristine was appointed in October 2016, and oversees engagement with caseworkers and maternal health nurses.

Geelong Mums Volunteers:  Geelong Mums is powered by more than 450 volunteers. All contributions of time are valuable. We need help with all sorts of tasks big and small. We sort, clean, pack and label at the warehouse, or in our homes, at our own pace, with kids and babies in tow, and we do what we can when we can. Every small job that is done helps another family out and saves another item ending up in landfill. Would you like to volunteer with us?

Geelong Mums Committee:  The volunteer committee, represented by Kate Kent, Christine Whelan, Sarah Albon and Kate Betts oversees the operations and sustainability of Geelong Mums, under the governance of the St Kilda Mums Committee of Management.  Meeting every four weeks, the Committee oversees financial management, policies and procedures, volunteer recruitment and communications.